War is the Forge of Legacy – and the Crucible of its Destruction

Federation Standard Year 178. Klingon aggression has blossomed into a general war made sector-wide by a combined assault on the sleeping giant, the United Federation of Planets. Vast swaths of explored space change hands under the guns of massive fleets and ever more sophisticated warp-capable battlewagons. The resources of the frontier regions are sharply in demand as mighty empires seek any means of self-preservation.

The time is ripe for a hardy band of adventurers to wring advantage from a toehold in unexplored space. The dangers are many: national aggressions, the greed of criminal cartels, and the ever-present threat of the unknown. But vast profits exist for the taking, by the shrewd, the decisive, and the ruthless.

Rynegault Star System, home to Rynegault Station

A Profitable Frontier