A Profitable Frontier

Prime Team Failure

Stardate 17804.11

The new prime team was an utter failure. Engaged in diplomacy at Mad Jack’s Hole, the junior ensigns started a barfight as soon as I turned them loose. By the time my discussions were finished they had managed to grant asylum to a petty criminal they met in the bar, steal a local defense craft, and dispense a shocking amount of ship resources by voucher in pursuit of these activities. They had nothing to show for it, of course, beyond a hastily-concocted excuse about trying to stop a Kzinti courier packet headed into Klingon space (and failing). Mad Jack assures me that no such communication has been routed through his facility and that any rumors of a second Traitor’s Detente in Kzinti space are just that – rumors.

I am informed that the Patriarch has nevertheless executed several more of his ministers on the basis of the rumors alone. I suppose a military dictatorship must maintain power somehow, but I am disappointed that our own GIA seem to credit the allegation. Spies see conspiracy whether it is there or not.

While I continue to favor court-marital for the ensigns, I do not contest Starfleet’s decision to place them on detatched duty with the GIA. They can certainly be spared from the front, and the front will be better for it.

- Commander David Percheron
Light Cruiser Parallax



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