A Profitable Frontier

Up and Running

Stardate 17805

Rynegault Station is up and running. We are flying an Orion flag, and I hope the Orions are willing to honor it without too much coaxing when they eventually notice us. Or without too much hazing.

Donald Staffey of CFTI has been instrumental in deployment and already has ships operating off the commerce deck. Dok Parnak of ParnakMining has been in for supply, along with a few smaller locals. We need a better sensor array, which will require a bigger base platform, which will have to come all the way from the Federation. Right now we are half blind except for patrols.

The new fighting ship returned favorable results. The enemy was a Kzinti frigate raiding commerce and unprepared for a serious fight, but the towed interceptors managed to deploy without fouling one another and to engage without being gutted by drone strikes. Perhaps the battle rider concept can work after all.

- Deck officer, Watch 1, Rynegault Station



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