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Frontier Exploitation Project: A GIA initiative to provide the Federation with greater defense-in-depth through the survey and exploitation of frontier areas lying coreward of Federation member space.

Starfleet: A necessary partner in the initiative for the purpose of supplying reliable, Academy-trained officers, despite the Admiralty’s less than enthusiastic support.

Lion Cartel: The Kzinti-space cartel having unofficial rights to cartel activities in the unexplored (but not uninhabited) coreward regions. Lion-cartel flagging will provide valuable cover for GIA operations, as well as plausible deniability if necessary.

Klingon Empire: Recent Federation success in blocking Klingon-Romulan contact has put a strain on both empires’ war efforts, particularly on the Romulan K-series warships which still require Klingon spare parts. A Klingon special transit mission through Coreward space would have to cross both Kzinti and Gorn territory, but is considered a plausible threat regardless.

Romulan Empire: The Romulan capacity for long-range cloaked operation gives them substantial penetration capability. Romulan presence has not been detected in Coreward space, but should be assumed.

Locals: Local powers include colonists, miners, the criminal element, and native civilizations, both known and uncontacted.

Main Page

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